Me / Curriculum Vitae

Here you will find personal info that might be of interest, particularly if you're trying to offer me a job!

Daniel L. I. Murray

I'm a game designer, computer scientist and artist from Ireland. I take a multidisciplinary approach to all my work and my main focus is on designing and interconnecting virtual worlds; this was the subject of my recent dissertation.

Games give us the opportunity to explore ourselves, our cultures, our fears and our dreams. The game creates the gamer; and a game designers job is to give the player the power to create themselves :^]

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MSc. Serious Games & Virtual Reality - Glasgow School of Art

Course on pedagogical game design and the wider uses of game technology. Dissertation: "An inquiry into designing Metaverses" (2021).

BSc. Computer Science - University College Cork

Focused on the fundamental foundations of CS. I specialised in web systems and software design. Final project: 3D building games as CAD tools (2017).


VSWare, Dublin IE - .Net Developer (Aug. 2018 - Sept. 2019)

Part of a team creating a machine-learning analytics platform. Later designing a data warehouse that collected and standardized data from many company programs. .Net backend and Typescript front.

SAP Ireland, Galway IE - Intern (Mar. - Sept. 2015)

Led a four-month gamification project creating a minigame that taught environmental policy. Received Peer Choice Award for creating a program that automated the work of support interns.

Part-Time Work

John Derian Company - New York, US: Store organisation (2017 - 2018).

Minecon 2016 - Anaheim, US: Volunteer team lead in the eSports arena (2016).

UCC Photography Society: Events like smashing liquid nitrogen frozen fruit for high speed images (2014 - 2016).

Coder Dojo: Taught PHP over several months at the local dojo (2014).