- Daniel Murray (Melonking)

Daniel Murray is an Irish digital artist and computer scientist. His work focuses on the dream space of digital worlds; Exploring the emotion and mythology of our digital lives and associations with technology through nostalgia, video games and the web.

Recent Projects:

  • MelonLand, a personal homepage and open virtual studio, operated as a staging ground and showcase for developing projects (2016-present).
  • Ozwomp Series, a collection of games and digital works exploring the nature of video games and the implicit otherworldliness of digital spaces and our presence within them; includes, Ozwomp is Arriving (2020), Ozwomp’s Voyage (2021), Ozwomp in the Gif Gallery (2022).
  • 4659 Worlds of the Web, a rapid video archive capturing thousands of web revival homepages, also see “what is the web revival, an introduction” (2022).
  • MoMG, the museum of modern gifs, a virtual gallery containing 100k gif images in randomly generated rooms (2021).
  • Snake Rooms / MelonEngine, a tool and method for creating high speed virtual spaces that can be explored in a web browser (2020-present)


  • 2019-2021 - MSc. Serious Games & Virtual Reality - Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.
  • 2012-2017 - BSc. Computer Science - University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.


  • Sample-Studios, Cork, Ireland - 2022-present

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2022 (upcoming) - Ozwomp in the Gif Gallery, PULSE, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland
  • 2022 (upcoming) - Wizard Orb, Dreams01, Entrance or Exit, Online
  • 2021 - Works 2019-2021, Post Graduate Showcase, Glasgow School of Art, Online


  • 2022 June - The Web Revival and the folk life of virtual worlds, 1st Digital Art in Ireland Symposium, University College Cork


  • 2022 - Cork County Council Creative Artists Bursary towards new digital work.
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